So, you’ve heard about the dynamic and often profitable world of contract for difference trading? The hype is real, and the reason for the popularity of CFD trading and the rapid rate at which that has risen could be attributed to the fact that with CFDs, you can essentially trade in price movements without actually owning the underlying asset. And by not owning assets, you as a trader can deftly dodge the drab downsides and pesky costs that come with regular trading.

But trading in contracts for difference can get somewhat complicated, and a modicum of care must be taken when nurturing your CFD portfolio.

QuickTrade, though, is here to give you a hand in this regard. We have some top CFD trading tips for you, to get you on the front foot in your investment endeavours, and to keep that spread looking profitable.

What are the best CFD trading tips?

Here are our CFD trading tips and tricks, defined to help you better master this form of derivative trading:

Read and research

CFD trading – indeed like most trading – hinges on the right decisions by the trader, gleaned from the story the market tells. It’s vital, then, that you expose yourself to and ingest, trade affairs, global affairs and political shifts every day. Of course, experience will give you the skills to better adjust your trades on a daily basis but reading and research will give you the right foundation on which to build a solid experience.


Success in all facets of trading, is more often found in diversification. So, while CFDs are a great way to invest, and benefit from less trading restrictions, you should by no means make them the only eggs in a single investment basket. Make sure your investment capital is spread across a variety of investments, so that if the worst happens in the market, you have pockets of protected capital.

Cut those losses

Losses can often become the proverbial albatross around your investor neck. Whenever a trade experiences a loss, it could be best for your portfolio to cut that loss as soon as you can. This effectively ensures your liability on the loss side is minimised in the long run, for a better chance at more profit in other areas.

Leverage with caution

Leveraging against certain transactions to help yours stand in better stead on the market, is a staple in contract for difference trading. But caution must be practiced here. If the market takes a dip, the results for your portfolio can be less than desired. So, leverage sparingly – it will help you get exposure to high gains on aggregate, and let you better protect your capital resources.

Trade and invest, don’t gamble

It’s all about assessing risk, making sensible decisions, and avoiding the technique of which we should not speak – gambling. This way of ‘trading’ has no place on the market – there are just too many moving parts. CFD trading in particular, and the success therein, relies on your savvy and know-how, so do the research, gain the experience and practice on demo accounts as much as possible. If you gamble on your capital, eventually, the markets will come back to bite you.

CFD trading is a great way to trade, see results and enjoy investing success. But as with most facets of trading life, knowledge gained here is success guaranteed. So, read, research, practice and show restraint, and you could be top of the contract for difference game in no time. And for every other time, come to QuickTrade – we’re ready to make your trade journey a profitable one.







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