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PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Account. It’s a strategy that works in a tradition of group trading.

What is a PAMM trading account?

A PAMM trading account is a type of investment account that allows traders to pool their funds together and invest them into the financial markets. This type of account gives investors access to a wider range of trading opportunities, as well as the ability to potentially earn higher returns than they would be able to achieve on their own.

Additionally, many PAMM trading accounts offer features such as automated trading systems, risk management tools, and advanced analytics or reporting capabilities. Whether you are looking to start investing in the financial markets or expand your current portfolio, a PAMM trading account can be an excellent choice for those sharp traders seeking greater flexibility and control in their investment activities.

How does a PAMM account work?

With a PAMM account, all trading decisions are made by a professional trader, who is responsible for managing the portfolio and generating returns for the investors. This trader is the Money Manager, or MM – an experienced investor, savvy at maximising profits.

Each investor involved, allocates personal funds to the PAMM accounts, and the MM of their choice. The resulting profits of trades by the MM are distributed according to an allocation percentage, that’s divided between regular contributors of capital to the account. 

Specific risk parameters that determine how much each investor is willing to lose on any given trade, so you can protect your capital while still allowing your chosen trader enough flexibility to maximise their potential profits.

Investor benefits

What’s in it for the newbie trader?


The inexperienced trader can earn income without having to grapple with gaining experience before seeing profits.

Increase your investment options

Traders can join several accounts, all overseen by the Money Manager of their choice

Pay no fees

The PAMM account works on a no profit, no fees charged protocol.

Privacy & safety

Only the investor him or herself has access to their account, and only they can withdraw funds.

Who can open a PAMM account?

Simply anyone who wants to earn an income from investing in forex, CFDs, stocks and commodities but who is largely inexperienced in the intricacies of trading. And anyone who wants to make an income from investing, without having to invest in too much time gaining the experience needed.

The PAMM account is essentially a portal for the newbie trader looking to make a profit through investing, and enhancing personal knowledge around the trade, with little effort. The investor is given access to the portal, through which he or she can manage the Money Manager accounts they’re involved with – trades, fees and summaries of profits are all visible.

What’s more, via QuickTrade, a trader is given access to the illustrious MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform. Here, funds are pooled, and trading with the Money Manager of their choice is monitored and overseen.

How do I open and activate a PAMM account?

Through our exclusive PAMM portal, you can change your MM, update your personal information, withdraw money and even delete the accounts you have.

To get started, you will need to make an initial deposit into your account in order to begin trading with PAMM funds. This can typically be done through a variety of payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, electronic transfer, or bank wire.

Remember, you will need to have a live trading account – without a trading account you can’t open a PAMM account.

Once your account is activated and funded, you’re ready and set to start your trading journey.








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